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Deeptale Creates Epic (literally!) Selfie-Filters for Facebook’s Platform

Väinämöinen is the central character of Finland’s national epic Kalevala. And now on Facebook you can become become Väinämöinen, all kitted out with thunder and lightning. Remember to turn the sound on! 

If Väinämöinen’s boisterous personality is a bit too much for you, you may opt for his evil nemesis, Pohjan Akka (“The Woman of the North”).

Screen Shot 2017-11-27 at 13.33.19These experiences on Facebook come courtesy of The Finnish National Opera and Ballet and have been created by Deeptale. They can be accessed by anyone with the Facebook mobile app. Try them out the by pressing either of these links on your mobile phone: or

Väinämöinen and Pohjan Akka-filter experiences are tied to The Finnish National Opera and Ballet’s production Kalevalanmaa, by Ballet Director Kenneth Greve. Kalevalanmaa has opened to five-star reviews and full houses. The Nordic countries largest daily newspaper Helsingin Sanomat called it “The celebration of Finland that we’ve all been waiting for.”

The Facebook Camera effect project highlights The Finnish National Opera’s ambition to become a world leader in digital and virtual stage productions.

“For us at Deeptale, the project was an opportunity to put to use our capabilities in storytelling and character-creation. With strong characters, engaging micro-stories can be told in a matter of seconds”, says Deeptale’s Co-Founder Mika Peltola. “There’s nothing quite as fascinating as a human face, especially your own face. Facebook’s Camera Effects platform allows brands and artists to tell new kind of stories through the oldest and most fundamental interface, the human face”, Mika adds .

To try out the selfie-filters created by Deeptale, by pressing either of these links on your mobile phone (sound on recommended): or

Get in touch with us to discuss how Deeptale can build your brand with mixed reality. Deeptale creates everything from selfie-filters to award-winning mixed reality stories on popular platforms such as Facebook, Apple’s ARKits, Android ARCore, Unity and Microsoft HoloLens. Deeptale is the 2017 winner of the Future of Storytelling Prize (FoST).

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Deeptale Wins Moomin Theme Park Project in Japan

Japanese company Fintech Global Incorporated (FGI) has selected to work with Deeptale on the Moomin Valley theme park set to open in 2019 outside Tokyo. A large number of VR/AR/MR companies participated in a bid to propose ways of using new technology to delight visitors of the forthcoming Moomin Valley Park. Deeptale’s creative concept Moomin Reflections has been announced as the winner. Read more “Deeptale Wins Moomin Theme Park Project in Japan”

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The Poetry of Cinema and Mixed Reality

I’ve lately been spellbound by films from the veteran French film director Claire Denis. Her films portray people at the margins of society and she often deals with legacies of French colonialism in places like Cameroon or Djibouti. She debuted in 1988 with the film “Chokolat” and has directed ten full-lenght feature-films since then.

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Where Were You When Virtual Reality was Born?

Every 100 years a new creative medium comes along. And it changes everything.

The 19th century was the age of the great novel: Tolstoy and Dickens ruled the charts. Cinema was born in the early 20th century and almost immediately captured the world’s imagination. Rock’n Roll and Pop defined several generations after the Second World War.

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